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US softwood lumber shipments to China down 50%

In the first half of 2015, US softwood lumber exports to China dropped nearly 50% to 247,290 cubic metres [...]

Global production of sawn softwood inches up

In 2014, sawn softwood consumption increased in North America by 4.6%, to 85.6 million m3 , and in Europe [...]

Interfor cuts lumber production by 20% in US South

Interfor today announced plans to reduce production across its operating platform in the US South by 20 percent on a [...]

Canada should target other markets after the SLA expiration

Canada needs to step up efforts to build new markets for softwood lumber as the country's biggest customer, the [...]

Lumber demand in Japan is expected to decrease

The Japanese Forest Agency made up demand projection of major wood products for the second half of this year. On [...]

Softwood producers to target Indian market

The fast-growing Indian market has caught the attention of softwood producers in North America and Europe. Tropical hardwoods are [...]

Austrian softwood lumber prices in July

Softwood lumber prices in Austria have overall dropped slightly in July. Compared with June, only the upper price limits of [...]

Lumber prices falling in some parts of the world

Lumber prices have fallen throughout a majority of the main softwood lumber markets in the world during the 1Q/15 [...]

Canadian softwood lumber exports to U.S. see higher taxes in July

In July, Canadian lumber exporters will see a tax increase on shipments to the United States. The export taxes are [...]

Chinese housing demand rebounds lumber prices in U.S.

Lumber futures prices are rebounding from recent lows as housing starts improve and orders from China increase.    [...]