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Chinese buyers avoid sawmills in the US to buy logs; lumber market tightens

Logs buyers in China have been getting used to purchase the logs directly from exporters, avoiding sawmills in the US [...]

Japan: Wood products demand projection for 2018; imported lumber from Europe and N. America to drop

The Japanese Forestry Agency recently held a meeting for wood products demand projection for the first half of 2018. Imported [...]

Lumber prices in the US increased, due to strong sales growth

Trading in framing lumber in the US eased during last week, but not enough to slow the upward momentum of [...]

Sawmills in Europe increase their market share in East Asia

During the last few years softwood lumber import in Southeast Asia has increased dramatically with China as the top performer [...]

Lumber prices in the US pushed to all-time highs

Trading in framing lumber in the US remained active during last week, while sales pushed some prices to all-time [...]

Canada launches wide-ranging trade complaint against US

Canada has filed a WTO complaint over US antidumping and countervailing duty proceedings. In its complaint Canada says the US [...]

Lumber prices in the US hit record at the beginning of 2018

All framing lumber species in the US were reported good trading trend at the beginning of 2018. Even as wintry [...]

Klausner to open second lumber mill in the US in April

    Klausner Lumber Two will open around April 2018, as the company informed the Halifax County Board [...]

Upward price pressure in 2018 on US softwood lumber prices; Imports from Europe to rise

After the currency-driven global lumber price slump in 2015, market demand and prices both started to improve in 2016 [...]

Strong lumber demand increases global sawlog prices

Global sawlog prices were reported higher throughout the world in the 3Q/17 and are likely to continue upward into [...]