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Austria: Drop in softwood lumber prices this month

Softwood lumber prices in Austria have overall dropped slightly in July. Compared with June, only the upper price limits of [...]

North American softwood lumber production rises through April

Softwood lumber production by U.S. sawmills reached 10.718 billion board ft. (bbf) of in the first four months [...]

EACOM Timber concerned about the lack of a softwood lumber agreement

EACOM Timber Corporation, together with other such companies in Ontario, think that a new round of US duties on Canadian [...]

US: Lumber prices went $3 up in mid-July

Despite the holidays in the US, the sales of framing lumber were bigger than expected. Buyers from all regions were [...]

Austria: Softwood lumber prices develop unevenly

In June, softwood lumber prices in Austria have registered some mixed developments. Compared with May, edged boards and squared timber [...]

US lumber prices go down $1 at the beginning of July

Lumber prices in the US and Canada varied during last week, due to holiday preparations. SPF trading went up a [...]

Obama-Trudeau meeting brings no progress to the softwood lumber dispute

On the 29th of June, during the meeting between US President Barack Obama and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau [...]

UK’s Brexit brings uncertainty for Canadian biomass producers

Thursday UK’s Brexit vote to leave the EU made Canada’s British Columbia a more expensive place to get [...]

US lumber prices slipped $1 last week

Last week, US framing lumber prices were the ones to encounter a soft fall, while buyers kept a low profile [...]

Global softwood lumber trade at all-time high in 2015

Global softwood lumber trade reached an all-time high in 2015 when 118 million m3 was traded internationally. This year [...]