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8.1 million tonnes of wood pellets certified in 2016; ENplus leads the way

    The European Pellet Council (EPC) in charge of ENplus management, announced a record year for the [...]

Swiss wood pellets price slightly up in October

    The price for wood pellets in Switzerland has slightly went up during October 2017 and amounted [...]

IKEA Industry started wood pellet production in Poland

IKEA started wood pellets production at the beginning of September 2017, in the Eastern Polish sawmill Stalowa Wola. The newly [...]

Wood pellets price in Germany on the rise in September

The price for wood pellets in Germany rose to an average of EUR 232.69/tonne during September 2017.   [...]

Swiss wood pellets price starts to grow in September; still lower than last year

Wood pellets price in Switzerland went down by -1.12% during September 2017, as compared to the same period in [...]

Japan’s wood pellets imports up by almost 50%

In 2016, Japan’s imports of wood pellets increased 49 percent from the previous year to 347 thousand MT.  [...]

Italy’s use of wood pellets is forecast to reach 5 million tons by 2020

Italy is a leading European consumer of wood pellets (approximately 3 million metric tons per year), with domestic consumption representing [...]

European Union wood pellets consumption reached 22.2 MMT in 2016

The European Union countries produce approximately 50% of the wood pellets worldwide. Yet, the EU demand represents about 75% of [...]

Production of wood pellets in the EU reached 14.8 mmt in 2016

The EU is the world’s largest wood pellet market, with consumption of about 22.2 MMT of pellets in [...]

Wood pellets price in Austria on the rise in August

EN plus A1 wood pellets in Austria have reached the average price of EUR 228.2/tonne during August 2017 [...]