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Electricity company in Finland opens new 92MW wood pellet plant

Finnish electricity company Helen, has opened a new 92MW biomass plant in Helsinki. The plant is the largest pellet-fired [...]

Wood pellets price in Germany higher due to cold weather

The colder temperatures have caused a price increase for wood pellets in Germany during February. The national average price has [...]

Russia: Record exports of wood pellets in 2017

Wood pellet manufacturers in Russia have recorded record export sales in 2017. For the full year, the country exported 1 [...]

Germany registers record wood pellets production in 2017

For the whole year 2017, Germany has produced 2,25 million tonnes of wood pellet, more than ever before. The [...]

Wood pellet co-firing to resume in the Netherlands; imports expected to rise sharply

German utilities company, RWE AG, expects to start co-firing biomass at its 600 MW coal-fired plant in the [...]

Large Japanese companies turn to wood pellets to clean-up coal power

Companies in Japan are currently developing some biofuels which can be burned together with coal, as to cut the emissions [...]

Current trends in Japanese and South Korean wood pellet demand

    Biomass demand in Japan is primarily driven by three policy components: The Feed in Tariff (FiT [...]

Global wood pellet market outlook in 2018

    Over the last 10 years, global pellet markets have increased a lot, due to the strong [...]

EU imports of wood pellets from US close to 5 million tons in 2017

US wood pellets exports to Europe have risen by 10% during 2017, as compared to 2016, but the increase was [...]

Belarus plans to organize 3 wood pellet joint ventures with companies in the EU

Belarus wants to organize three joint ventures with European companies, as to manufacture wood pellets together.     [...]