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Russia and Japan to collaborate on the construction of a new wood pellet plant

As part of the Russia-Japan Investment Fund (RJIF), the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and JBICIG Partners (a subsidiary [...]

Wood pellets prices in Austria go down in May

Prices for Austrian wood pellets went on a descending path during May, as it was also the case for Germany [...]

New opportunities for the wood pellets market in the Netherlands

The Dutch Government is currently subsidizing the co-firing of biomass. To support small landowners, the Dutch legislation provides some [...]

Segezha Group’s Ksilotek-Siberia started new pellet plant construction in Russia

Segezha Group’s subsidiary Ksilotek-Siberia  launched the first stage of a new pellet plant construction in Russia.    [...]

The price for wood pellets in Germany fell significantly in May

In May 2018, the price for wood pellets in Germany fell significantly. The national average price reached the value of [...]

Canadian wood pellets promoted in Italy

    The Wood Pellet Association of Canada has participated on a wood pellet trade mission to Italy [...]

Enviva sold partner interests in its units as to revive wood pellet projects

Enviva Holdings LP discharged certain limited partner interests in its unit Enviva Partners so as to finance projects, as the [...]

US EPA declares biomass energy carbon neutral

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has declared biomass from managed forests as carbon neutral when burned for energy production [...]

Graanul Invest will rebuild lines for wood pellet production in Latvia

SIA Graanul Invest has concluded an agreement No. with the Central Finance and [...]

Austrian wood pellets price on the rise over 2017

The average price for Austrian wood pellets amounted to 236,8 € per tonne of wood pellets or 4.83 Cent [...]