Wood construction

U.S. housing starts rise more than expected in February

Home construction in U.S. increased more than expected in February, according to data released by the U.S. Commerce [...]

Value of EU exports of wood products at all time record in 2015

The relative weakness of EU currencies, combined with a strong focus on reducing costs and improving efficiency in the European [...]

France: Largest residential building made from Stora Enso’s CLT

France will get to have its largest residential building from solid wood  made with CLT (Cross Laminated Timber). Stora Enso [...]

Declining MDF inventories in Japan

The MDF manufacturers in Japan have started working on maximum capacity as building material shipments started to grow since last [...]

Canadian housing construction slipping

Canadian housing starts fell 18% in December at a seasonally adjusted annual rate. The decrease was in multi-family construction [...]

UK: House building at its weakest

Great Britain’s construction industry recorded a 10-month low in February, according to Reuters.    Even [...]

Ontario: Taller-wood buildings lack in CLT

Building developers in Ontario are having a hard time finding the right wood for building taller wood-frame structures. Even [...]

Japan’s Sumitomo Forestry bought out American house builder

Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) announced that it bought 60% of share of DRB Enterprises, which owns Dan Ryan Builders [...]

U.S. housing starts fall unexpectedly in January

In January, new residential construction in the United States showed a considerable decrease, according to data of the U.S [...]

CLT could change US lumber industry

A new wood product project that is currently under testing at the University of Maine in the US. It is [...]