Wood construction

Demand for logs, lumber from key offshore markets such as China, US fuels New Zealand forestry exports

The forestry products market in New Zealand experiences new growth given the strong demand from key markets.    [...]

Gradual recovery in EU construction forecast to continue

Recovery of the European economy is boosting construction output, although the overall growth rate is forecast to remain slow in [...]

CLT market expected to double by 2022

The global cross-laminated timber market continues to experience solid growth. Market advances over the last several years stem from [...]

Canadian lumber being used in massive Chinese eco-district project

About 100 townhomes will be built in Tianjin, China’s Sino-Canadian Low-Carbon Eco-District using Canadian lumber. Energy [...]

Pfeifer Group to build CLT plant in Lauterbach, Germany

The German sawmilling group Pfeifer will invest EUR 30 million in a new CLT plant at its German location, Lauterbach [...]

India: 60 million homes building plan will require huge volumes of wood products

The Indian government’s plan to build around 60 million homes for the Indians between 2018 and 2024 could generate [...]

Russia shows interest in Swedish wood for its construction industry

    Russia’s major architectural fair ARCH Moscow turned to Sweden, even though the East European country [...]

Up to 18 storeys timber buildings to be allowed in China

China’s Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) issued “Technical standard for multi-storey and high-rise timber [...]