Wood construction

Binderholz completes BSW Timber acquisition

The purchase makes it Europe’s largest company in the sawmill and solid wood processing industry.     [...]

Schilliger Holz to build a new CLT production line

The construction of wooden buildings, especially multi-storey, is booming in France and around the world. As a result, the [...]

Russia: Segezha plans to quadruple CLT output in four years

Segezha Group plans to quadruple production of CLT products by 2026. With the expansion of production capacities in the Krasnoyarsk [...]

Wood prices are slowly stabilizing in the Netherlands

The sharply rising raw material prices in the Dutch construction sector are not over yet, but there are bright spots [...]

Segezha to build new glulam plant in Karelia, Russia

Segezha Group is planning the construction of a glued laminated timber plant in Segezha, Republic of Karelia, Russia.   [...]

After multi-week rises, most North American softwood lumber prices flatten

Following the absolute plummet this summer after unsustainable highs in spring, lumber prices have been recovering during September and October [...]

U.S. lumber trade dispute with Canada adds to wild price swings

As if things weren’t volatile enough in the lumber market, a Canada-U.S. trade tussle will make things [...]

US: Limited supply sends softwood lumber prices higher

Once again for a very unusual time of year, softwood lumber prices firmed up yet more in late October. Sales [...]

High lumber prices making a comeback

High lumber prices in North America are back, even as the industry steps into what is normally a seasonal lull [...]