Manufactured housing in the United States to reach 85,000 Units in 2020

In 2020, US manufactured housing shipments are expected to reach 85,000 units, declining as a share of total single [...]

Eastern Europe’s wood pellet production is growing dynamically

The pellet economy worldwide is steady and ready to double its percentage rate. During 2015, almost 30 million tonnes of [...]

Northeastern US sawmills evaluate installation of pellet mills as outlet for woodchips and residues to mitigate impact of pulp, paper and biomass mill closures

Sawmills from Northeastern US currently evaluate to install pellets mills as outlet for woodchips and residues to mitigate impact of [...]

Russia’s sawn softwood exports increased by 11% in 2016; deliveries to China +37%; Segezha Group top exporter

The exports volumes for sawn softwood products from Russia increased by 11% up to 24.8 million m3 (+ 2.4 [...]

High or low risk countries for timber legality

Find out below which countries should be considered as high or low risk for timber legality.     [...]

Brazil: Timber industry exported higher volumes, but earned less

Due to a year marked by uncertainties in the domestic economy, Brazil’s timber industry ended 2016 with lower revenues [...]

Japan: Lumber demand and supply forecasts for 2017

The Timber Supply and Demand Conference of Japan, which handles five groups of imported wood products, recently released the data [...]

Forest fires in Chile will cost the government $333 million

The extreme forest fires in Chile are responsible for the death of 11 people and the destruction of about 1 [...]

DONG Energy plans to cease the use of coal by 2023

DONG Energy has decided that by 2023, coal will no longer be used as fuel at the company’s power [...]

Sweden’s sawn and planed timber exports and delivery prices rose sharply

The Swedish exports of softwood timber (sawn and planed) rose slightly in November, both compared to the previous month and [...]