EU’s energy consumption from renewable sources doubled in 2015

In 2015, the share of energy from renewable sources in gross final consumption of energy reached 16.7% in the [...]

Peru: Latest prices for exported wood products

Below there is a list of the latest prices for Peru's exported wood products, available between 16 to 28 [...]

Vietnam: Turnover of wood products exports likely to reach US$ 8 billion in 2017

Vietnam's wood and wood products exports are forecast to reach $8 billion in 2017, up from $7.3 billion [...]

Switzerland could get more energy out of used wood

Almost 173,000 tonnes of used wood could be re-used in Switzerland as to produce valuable heat and power [...]

Recovery expected for global construction equipment industry in 2017

Global sales of construction equipment are expected to increase seven per cent this year, according to updated forecasts from specialist [...]

Growing markets for modular multilayer flooring

The market success of modular multilayer flooring has resulted in an increase in membership for the MMFA, the Multilayer Modular [...]

Almost 50% of the fiber feedstock for wood pellet plants in the US South was industry and forest residues

Almost 50% of the fiber feedstock for wood pellet plants in the US South was formed of industry and forest [...]

Vietnam concerned about timber shortage as China closes natural forests

Many Chinese businesses have hurried to Vietnam to buy wood because their government closed the natural forests in 14 provinces [...]

Planting restrictions in South Africa lead to timber shortage

South Africa's government’s stringent restrictions on the issuing of forestry and planting permits caused timber shortage.    [...]

UK timber imports at highest peak for the last 9 years

UK's imports of timber and panel products are at their highest level for the last 9 years. The provisional [...]