Vietnam’s timber exports to the EU forecast to hit $1 billion yearly by 2020

With the new EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), experts predict that about $1 billion worth of timber will be [...]

Norbord beats its major competitors

Canadian wood panel manufacturer Norbord reports the best performance figures in the third quarter of 2017.     [...]

Chinese furniture manufacturers relocate operations to Vietnam

Many Chinese furniture manufacturers are relocating their manufacturing operations to Vietnam in an effort to deal with rising domestic labor [...]

Egypt emerges as key market for American hardwoods

Egypt was a key market for American hardwoods during 2016, with the wood imports to the Arab world's most [...]

Timber prices in China forecast to rise in 2018

The trend for timber price index in China during 2017 was on the rise, even if it was affected by [...]

Upward price pressure in 2018 on US softwood lumber prices; Imports from Europe to rise

After the currency-driven global lumber price slump in 2015, market demand and prices both started to improve in 2016 [...]

Egger Group records increased turnover for first half of financial year

Egger Group concluded the first half-year of its financial year 2017/2018 with a consolidated turnover of EUR 1 [...]

EU Commission to investigate IKEA for tax fraud

The European Commission will open a thorough investigation into the corporate tax structure at Inter IKEA, one of the two [...]

Strong lumber demand increases global sawlog prices

Global sawlog prices were reported higher throughout the world in the 3Q/17 and are likely to continue upward into [...]

Södra’s boosts sawn timber exports to the US; forecast to rise 25% in 2018

Södra’s exports of sawn timber to the US have risen over the past four years and a further [...]