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IKEA accelerates transformation as to meet unprecedented scale change of retail trade

The Ingka Group (Ingka Holding BV and controlled entities) is speeding up its transformation plans. The company plans to invest [...]

Vietnam’s timber industry plays a crucial role in the US-China trade war

Starting from mid-September 2018, the US decided to impose 10 percent tariffs with the total cost of $189 billion [...]

Rising optimism in Danish timber industry

According to the Danish Timber Trade Federation, Denmark is enjoying 2% annual GDP growth and its construction sector is optimistic [...]

Tourist industry starting to revive Greece’s timber industry

In Greece, the level of timber trade is still restricted following the financial crises which came to a head in [...]

German sawmills are lacking hardwood, due to booming log exports to China

German sawmills are currently lacking hardwood. The reason is the increasing export of logs to China.      [...]

Gabon government announces launch of Gabon WoodShow, from 20 – 22 June, 2018

The Global WoodShow (Dubai and Cairo) organizing committee announced the start of the 3rd edition of the WoodShow series that [...]

Russian timber industry seeks expansion of partnership with China

China is hosting SYLVA WOOD 2017 - the international exhibition, a landmark event for the global timber processing industry.   [...]

Brazilian wood industry concerned over revised timber transport control system

In Brazil a Forest Products Trade and Transport System (SISFLORA) is used to monitor and control the transport of forest [...]
February 20, 2017 Daily News / Forestry / Sawmilling / Global / South America

New Zealand timber industry stays strong despite challenges

The New Zealand timber industry is in a good demand cycle despite the challenges that’s facing at the moment [...]