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Canada-US softwood lumber agreement might be reached next month

A framework for a next 10-year softwood lumber agreement between Canada and the US might be reached in the [...]

Unstable forestry sector in Canada goes well during first quarter

The forestry sector in Canada is off to one of its most unstable times in recent history, even if some [...]

EU softwood lumber exports over 1 million m3 in Q1/2017; up by 64%

The European sawmills increased their softwood lumber exports on the Chinese wood market during the first quarter of 2017.  [...]

Brexit not impacting EU softwood lumber deliveries to the UK

  UK's softwood lumber imports grew by 40% during January-March 2017, as compared to the same period [...]

Booming Swedish softwood lumber exports to the US

Swedish sawmills have almost doubled their exports volume of sawn and planed softwood umber to the US during March 2017 [...]

US-Canada softwood lumber dispute expected to drag on

Despite speculation that a deal over the softwood lumber shipments from Canada to the US is to be reached soon [...]

US imposes additional tariffs on Canadian lumber imports

The US Department of Commerce has added 6.87%  in preliminary average anti-dumping tariffs for Canadian softwood lumber imports [...]

US antidumping duties on Canadian lumber could reach an extra 10%

The antidumping duties on Canadian softwood lumber that will be announced on the 23rd of June by the United States [...]

Canadian lumber industry expects another 10% increase in US countervailing duties

This week, the US is expected to make an announcement regarding an antidumping duty of 10% against Canadian lumber producers [...]

Global softwood markets prices went upward in Q1/2017

Global softwood lumber prices trended upward in early 2017 with prices in North America hitting a 13-year high, Chinese [...]