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Trade envoy for British Columbia says the US still needs time for new softwood lumber talks

British Columbia announced that the province is ready to fight for its lumber producers in the trade war on softwood [...]

Former Canfor CEO to negotiate with the US a new lumber deal

B.C. Premier Christy Clark has announced the appointment of former Canfor chief executive officer, federal cabinet minister and B [...]
February 16, 2017 Daily News / Sawmilling / Global / North America

Resolute CEO claims to be able to persuade US in softwood lumber dispute

Eastern Canada deserves free and unencumbered access to the U.S. market because the forestry sectors of Ontario and Quebec [...]

Brexit starting to show its negative effects on UK’s softwood timber imports

The Brexit vote on June 23rd 2016 has lead to a downturn in UK's softwood timber imports during the [...]

Export duties on Canadian softwood may lead to an unstable US market

U.S. softwood lumber was again the main global growth market in 2016 (the case since 2010) and supported firm [...]

Is China Canada’s next top softwood lumber destination if the US tightens its position?

The US International Trade Commission (USITC) is now investigating the softwood lumber trade with Canada, which may lead to new [...]

Canadian lumber producer Tembec is open to quotas on exports to US

Tembec, the Eastern Canadian lumber producer, announced that it's open to quotas on exports to the US, in a [...]

How will the Trump administration handle the lumber dispute?

The new trade agenda of the Trump administration will cause great concern for British Columbia, as the province is supported [...]

New protectionist US administration could harm BC’s forestry industry

Canada's Premier, Christy Clark, is urging the government to find new markets outside the United States for its softwood [...]

Canada’s Premiers plead for quick moves for a new lumber deal

On the 25th of November, Canada’s Premiers urged the Canadian and United States governments to move quickly to reach [...]