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New Zealand export log prices keep on rising

New Zealand export log prices generally rose this month, as key fundamentals move in the country's favour.   [...]

Prices for Finnish roundwood keep stable increase in March

Roundwood prices in Finland have increased in March, as compared to last month, but some of them are still on [...]

Central/West Africa: Improved export demand – logs and sawnwood price prospects looking better

Producers across Central/West Africa continue to be busy taking advantage of improved international demand. There has been some firming [...]

Brazil’s latest prices for logs, sawnwood and plywood

Latest prices for Brazilian logs, sawnwood and plywood prices 16-30 April 2017)        [...]

Central/West Africa: Logs and sawnwood prices rise slightly as demand from Europe and China improves

The positive trend in demand for some selected species continued throughout April and this was reflected in some moderate price [...]

Rising ocean freight costs modifying global lumber markets dynamics

A key development of the last months or so has been a rapid, unexpected rise in container rates from the [...]

Forecast: Japan’s wood demand and supply in 2017

Japan's Forestry Agency forecasts stable wood demand for 2017, but the housing starts is predicted to 4.4% less [...]

Russia: Sawn timber exports rise by more than 20%

Russia has increased its exports of sawn timber during January and February 2017.    According to the [...]

New Zealand roundwood prices hit record high

Local log prices in New Zealand have reached new record high in March, due to buoyant demand from sawmills. Thus [...]

Logs, sawnwood and plywoood prices in Brazil in April

Latest prices for Brazilian logs, sawnwood and plywood prices (1-15 April 2017)        [...]