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NZ: Export log prices grow due to increasing demand

New Zealand export log prices increased in May due to the higher shipping costs caused by the weaker currency offsets [...]

US West coast logs exports up 5.5% in Q4; lumber exports down on low Chinese demand

The latest data summarizing West coast log and lumber exports in the fourth quarter of 2015 were released on Thursday [...]

Central/West Africa: Global financial weakness but stable demand for timber

Log and lumber prices in Central West Africa are unchanged and this must be one of the longest periods of [...]

France: Worries on massive log exports to Asia

The log exports from France gathers 15% of the national forest’s assets. Yet, it provides only 3% added value [...]

North America log exports to Japan dropped 17% in 2015

North America log exports to Japan decreased by 17.1% in 2015, reaching 2,565,063 cbm, the lowest level [...]

Logs, sawnwood, plywood; domestic and export prices in Brazil

      Brazilian logs, mill yard, domestic  US$ per m3     [...]

Central Africa: Sawnwood producers adjust production to current low global demand

West and Central African producers say they will continue to hold down sawnwood production to match the low global demand [...]

China: Average prices for imported hardwood logs in 2015

Official data from China Customs shows a sharp drop in log imports in 2015. China’s log imports in 2015 [...]

China: Prices for imported softwood logs

According to official data from China Customs a sharp drop in Chinese log imports was recorded in 2015. China’s [...]