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Japan raises plywood import prices, while Malaysian firms get the gains

If the yen remains weak, the price for Malaysian plywood products on the Japanese market might increase.    [...]

US wooden furniture imports at highest level since beginning of recession

US wooden furniture imports increased 8% in November to US$1.53 billion, the highest level since the recession. Year [...]

Brexit starting to show its negative effects on UK’s softwood timber imports

The Brexit vote on June 23rd 2016 has lead to a downturn in UK's softwood timber imports during the [...]

China: Record high imports of softwood lumber and logs in 2016

China imported record-high volumes of softwood lumber in 2016 and softwood log imports reached their second highest level on [...]

Russia beats China as the no.1 plywood supplier to the EU

Russia has become no. 1 plywood supplier to the EU in the first ten months of 2016, surpassing China and [...]

Ipe leading growth in tropical US sawnwood imports

US imports of temperate and tropical sawn hardwood grew 11% in November to 70,376 cu.m. The value of [...]

Rising Chinese softwood timber imports driven up by booming demand in the wood flooring industry

The global trade of softwood has been in a steady rise in the past few years. Statistics suggests that one [...]

Italy imports more tropical timber despite economic problems

Imports of tropical timber products into Italy have made gains in 2016 despite the country’s continuing economic problems.  [...]

Only marginal increase in EU tropical sawn imports

EU imports of tropical sawn increased by 2% to 810,900 cu.m in the first nine months of 2016 [...]

Slowing pace of EU tropical timber imports

EU imports of tropical timber products increased sharply between January and May this year, but slowed again in the four [...]