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Wood demand forecasts for Japan in 2018

Japan's Forestry Agency has recently organized a meeting regarding the future of the wood demand in the country, for [...]

China boosts imports of tropical logs & sawnwood

China’s log imports from the USA in the first three months of 2018 totalled 1.41 million cubic metres [...]

EU tropical timber imports flat-line in 2018

The slowdown in EU imports of tropical products, which began in 2016 and continued throughout last year, levelled off in [...]

Softwood lumber and logs imports to China tripled during the last 10 years

Softwood logs and softwood lumber imports to China have more than tripled in ten years with lumber volumes surpassing logs [...]

China: Sawnwood imports rise by 5% in Q1/2018

China’s sawnwood imports reached 8.29 million cubic metres in the first three months of 2018, up five per [...]

EU market for glulam challenging for external suppliers

Anecdotal reports indicate that the glulam sector in Europe struggled with over-supply and low margins in the 2013 to [...]

Decline in US wooden furniture imports

US wooden furniture imports declined in February to under US$1.6 billion, but year-to-date imports remain higher [...]

China: Expanding national forest reserves to fuel massive rise in timber imports

According to the State Forestry and Grassland Administration plans have been prepared for an expansion through planting and rehabilitation of [...]

Japan’s lumber imports went up by 12.8% in Q1/2018

The average price for imported lumber in Japan increased 12.8% YoY, to $380 per m3 in Q1 2018. Moreover [...]

Global MDF markets situation; consumption reaches 96,4 million m3

In 2017, the global MDF market amounted to 96.4 million m3, posting solid gains over the last ten years [...]