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Potential Chinese trade tariff and Brexit impacts on the European hardwood market

Projecting into 2019, importers were concerned at the potential for an increase in market impacts of Chinese tariffs on US [...]

Timber industry in the UK faces “£1 Billion Pound Brexit Bill” if it walks out from EU Customs Union

The UK timber industry faces a potential “£1 Billion Pound Brexit Bill” if Britain leaves the EU Customs Union causing [...]

UK Softwood Conference 2018 approached Brexit effects

On Tuesday 7th March 2018, over 120 leading suppliers, importers and traders of softwood products across the UK and Europe [...]

UK pledges to retain FLEGT commitment after Brexit

In relation to policy initiatives like FLEGT, the decline in the relative significance of the EU as an importer of [...]
March 8, 2018 Daily News / Forestry / Sawmilling / Europe / Global

Brexit to significantly impact EU timber trade balance

Looking to the future, the EU trade data highlights the extent to which Brexit will impact on the EU trade [...]

UK minister of environment assures EUTR continues after Brexit

    The EU Timber Regulation and FLEGT will continue after Brexit, in the UK, the country's [...]
February 15, 2018 Daily News / Forestry / Lumber / Sawmilling / Europe / Global

UK softwood lumber imports from Europe not yet impacted by Brexit

UK's softwood lumber imports from the European Union countries haven't been yet affected by Brexit, as shown in [...]

UK sawn hardwood market holds up well despite Brexit concerns

While imports of tropical sawn hardwood into the eurozone countries have failed to live up to expectations in 2017, having [...]

The softwood market in the UK shows signs of slowing down this summer

    The softwood market in the UK decreased as the trade during July was tempered by the [...]

Soft or hard Brexit-implications for the UK and European furniture market

In the event of a so-called “soft Brexit” in which the U.K. remains a part of the EU [...]