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No Brexit effects on UK softwood timber imports yet

      United Kingdom' s softwood timber imports grew by 5% during January-July 2016, as [...]

US wood pellets exports to the UK expected to rise after Brexit

The United Kingdom leaving the European Union caused some serious ups and downs for the stocks, even if the immediate [...]

UK’s Timber Trade Federation to organize a debate on the impact of Brexit

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) will hold a debate focused on the impact of Brexit on UK Timber Industry in [...]

UK construction industry enters recession

For the first time in the last 4 years, the UK construction returned to recession. Soon after the Brexit vote [...]

No sign yet of Brexit contagion

There is also no sign yet of any significant contagion from the Brexit vote in other European markets. The Markit [...]

Brexit to cause downturn in European timber imports

The fall-out from the Brexit vote on 23 June, combined with challenging economic conditions in other parts of the [...]

Uncertain policy implications after Brexit

There are also uncertain policy implications for the timber sector associated with Brexit. UK technical standards for the vast majority [...]

Sweden: Positive trend in the sawmill industry, despite Brexit chaos

The Swedish pulp and paper industry has been positive during the last six months, even if the Brexit has caused [...]

Brexit likely to slow tropical imports in the short term

From the perspective of the tropical wood sector, Brexit will have significant implications. The UK is now by far the [...]

Brexit’s pound turbulence affects the Finnish forestry industry

Britain's referendum decision to leave the EU has affected many Finnish forestry companies, because of the exchange rate turbulence [...]