The effects of the war in Ukraine are still unclear for the Finnish forest industry

The Finnish forest industry had already prepared for export restrictions.    "The situation is very unclear," commented [...]

B.C.’s biggest forestry companies target U.S. lumber barons

A handful of American lumber barons’ heirs stand to cash in for well into the near future, as investment banks [...]

Canadian Stella-Jones describes the post-Covid lumber market

Stella Jones has a long track record of steady and profitable growth. This was achieved organically and through selective acquisitions [...]

Big swings in US lumber futures prices

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Canfor to sell Mackenzie sawmill

Canfor Corporation is selling more assets to Peak Renewables, which is in the wood pellet production business.    [...]

Russian attack on Ukraine hits global markets

Russia’s attacks on Ukraine roiled global markets Thursday, driving up prices for crude oil and natural gas as investors [...]

Canadian lumber giant Interfor completes acquisition of Eacom

B.C. lumber giant Interfor has announced that the $490-million transaction, which was first disclosed last autumn, concluded on [...]