Finland’s forestry giants call for logging at full capacity to fill up the Russian void

The Finnish forestry giant UPM intends to harvest wood in Finland at full capacity, although the company's pulp mills [...]

Western Forest Products curtails sawmill due to lack of logs

Western Forest Products (WFP) announced that starting this week, their Chemainus Sawmill is once again undergoing a production curtailment due [...]

European logs and lumber trade to change dramatically in coming years

Trade of logs and lumber in Europe will change dramatically in the coming years as timber harvests in Central Europe [...]

Outlook for Finland’s forest industry uncertain

The effects of the war launched by Russia are reflected in the market for forest industry products in many ways [...]

Swedish forest owners’ associations are increasing the purchase prices of wood

In recent weeks, all Swedish forest owners' organizations have increased the prices of the wood they buy for their members [...]

Does the EU rely on Russia for its wood?

Three weeks have passed since Russia invaded Ukraine. It is now becoming evident how reliant the European Union is on [...]

War in Ukraine causes transportation problems for the European forest industry

Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine is affecting transport and logistics throughout Europe. Trade with Russia is virtually non [...]

German sawmill industry calls for boost in local wood sourcing due to war in Ukraine

Germany faces major challenges in the coming months and years. Against the background of the war waged by Russia against [...]

COVID outbreaks bite at Chinese ports, threatening global supply chains

The queues of container ships outside major Chinese ports are lengthening by the day as COVID-19 outbreaks in manufacturing [...]

How will the war in Ukraine affect timber prices in the UK?

The effect on prices from the invasion will likely heavily depend on which timber products you look to. As very [...]