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Italian softwood imports go down by 1% in 2015

The Italian softwood imports decreased by 1% in 2015 due to the fact that Austria, the lead supplier for Italy [...]

Swedish softwood lumber exports grow on higher demand from Egypt and China

In the first three months of 2016, Sweden has exported about 3,237 million cbm of sawn and planed softwood [...]

Canada: Sawmills and jobs in jeopardy if softwood lumber agreement isn’t reached

Sawmills and jobs all around Canada may be seriously affected by the possibility of the US duties imposed on imported [...]

US lumber prices fall in mid June

There have been no significant softwood lumber sales in the US during the middle of June. Traders have thus tried [...]

Austria: Softwood lumber prices in June 2016

In June, softwood lumber prices in Austria have registered some mixed developments. Compared with May, edged boards and squared timber [...]

No quotas for Canadian lumber exports to US, says BC Premier

During a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce in Quesnel, Canada, the BC Premier, Christy Clark, spoke about the need [...]

Scandinavian sawmills exported more than 1 mil. m3 of softwood lumber to China in 2015

Despite China's overall negative economic context in 2015, and the slowdown in the Chinese housing market, the European sawmills [...]

BC lumber exports grew once with SLA expiry

The total softwood lumber production in British Columbia reached adjusted 2.65 million dry m3. The production increased by 5 [...]

Russia: Lumber shipments to China up by 81%

Russian softwood lumber exports to China reached 1.55 million m3 in April, up by 81% from March’s 853 [...]

Softwood fiber price index at its lowest level since 2006

Both the HFPI and the SFPI price indices fell in the 1Q/16 with generally lower prices in Europe, Canada [...]