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Roundwood prices in Estonia mostly up during August

Roundwood prices in Estonia have mostly increased during August 2018, as compared both to the same period last year, but [...]

Latvia: Roundwood prices on a negative trend

During the second half of 2016 in Latvia, the average purchase prices of roundwood kept declining, as compared to the [...]

Estonian roundwood prices went all up during July

Estonian roundwood prices have increased during July 2017, as compared both to the same period last year, but also compared [...]

Sweden: Stock volumes of softwood sawlogs drop by 21%

Swedish softwood sawlogs stock volumes are estimated at about 2.1 million m3 in the Q2 of 2017. This represents [...]

Roundwood prices in Lithuania increased during May

Roundwood prices in Lithuania increased during May 2017 as compared to the corresponding period of last year.    [...]

BSW Sawmills UK log buying team will be merged with Tilhill’s timber harvesting team

The final stage of the completion of Tilhill Forestry’s integration into the BSW Group has been announced on the [...]

Roundwood prices in Estonia on a downward trend

Roundwood prices in Estonia during June 2017 kept the same levels as in the previous month. Yet, even if the [...]

Sawlog prices in Brazil went up during the last year, after 5 years of decline

In the 1Q/17, pine sawlog prices in Brazil increased in both US dollars and in the Brazilian Real quarter [...]

Iran- an emerging destination for wood exports

When many of the economic sanctions against Iran were lifted over a year ago, doors were opened for international investments [...]

Prices for roundwood in Lithuania mostly went up in February

Roundwood prices in Lithuania mostly went up during February 2017, as compared to the same period last year.   [...]