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UK wood pellet imports crash after record highs in H1/2016

Wood pellet imports to the UK fell 24% year-over-year in August after record high imports during the first [...]

German wood pellets production dropped sharply in the first half of the year

The total amount of pellets produced in Germany from January to June 2016 reached 889,600 tonnes, which is 90 [...]

American Biomass acquired Okanagan Wood Pellets from Viridis Energy

American Biomass Corporation Inc., a leader in wood pellet distribution, has completed its purchase of Okanagan Wood Pellets from Viridis [...]

Top 10 wood pellet producers in Russia and current market developments

Wood pellet production and exports started to grow in Russia. While Russia’s wood pellet production is relatively young, it [...]

US to supply at least half of the EU wood pellet import demand by 2020

Despite their significant domestic production, the Scandinavian countries, mainly Denmark and Sweden, partly depend on imports from the Baltic Region [...]

US wood pellets exports to Europe still on a booming upward trend

      US wood pellets exports to the European Union countries continue to increase. Thus, the [...]

Price of wood pellets in Switzerland slightly up during October

The average retail price for wood pellets in Switzerland increased during October 2016, to 365.2 CHF/t (334.72 [...]

The German Pellets bankruptcy case report published

The insolvency of the former Wismar wood processing company German Pellets were continued on Wednesday at the Schwerin District Court [...]

US wood pellets exports to Europe up 46%

The US wood pellets exports to the European Union countries continue to increase as in recent years. During the first [...]

Switzerland: Price of wood pellets rises in September, but still lower yoy

At the debut of the autumn, the average retail price for wood pellets in Switzerland went up to 364.60 [...]