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US is still the main wood pellet supplier to the EU

EU imports of wood pellets from the United States showed no signs of slowing in the first seven months of [...]

Slight increase for wood pellets prices in Switzerland

In September, the retail price for ENplus A1 wood pellets in Switzerland is slightly higher than the previous month. The [...]

Pellets price stable for Austria in August

The price of pellets in Austria seems to be stable in August. One tonne of pellets has declined by an [...]

Prices for wood pellets in Switzerland remain stable in August

The retail prices for wood pellets in Switzerland remained stable in August. The average price of pellet currently stands at [...]

Price of wood pellets goes down in April in Germany

The price of wood pellets in Germany has dropped in May both as compared to the previous month as well [...]

EU imports of US wood pellets increased for the 12th consecutive quarter

Exportation of wood pellets from North America to Europe and Asia reached an all-time high rising 22 percent in [...]

Low price of wood pellets in Switzerland in April

After the premature decline in prices caused by the appreciation of the Swiss franc, now the pellet industry in Switzerland [...]

German wood pellets slightly more expensive

In February, the average price of wood pellets has increased by just under EUR 1 per ton more than in [...]

Switzerland: Price of wood pellets under currency pressures

The monetary shock which occured last month has marked the pellet market. The sudden appreciation of the Swiss franc against [...]

Italy wants to double vat on wood pellets

The Italian government plans to increase the VAT on wood pellets from a current 10% to 22%. With the new [...]
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