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Global biomass pellet market to grow by an annual 10% until 2020

The global biomass pellets market was valued at $4.52 billion (€4.05bn) in 2014 and is forecast to reach [...]

Hekotek to deliver wood pellet plant in Siberia to Boguchansky LPK

At the beginning of June, Hekotek signed an agreement with Boguchansky LPK to deliver a complex pellet plant equipment.  [...]

Wood pellet mills database for North America

Working with Ecostrat and other partners, the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities has developed this comprehensive database of [...]

EU’s pellet production expected to reach 22.5 MMT by 2017

The consumption of 20.5 MMT (million metric tonnes) of pellets during 2015 made the EU the world’s largest [...]

Canfor opens two wood pellet plants with 175,000 t/yr capacity

Canfor opened two new pellet plants in Chetwynd and Fort St. John on Tuesday, 19th of July.    [...]

Canada: Pinnacle announces Quesnel wood pellet plant shut down

Pinnacle Renewable Energy announced on May 31st that it will cease the Quesnel, BC, pellet plant operations.    [...]

Pellet plant in Belarus doubles its capacity

A pellet plant with 30 thousand tonnes annual capacity from Borisov (Belarus), owned by Swoods Export, will double its capacity [...]

Hekotek delivers wood pellet plant in Latvia

AS Hekotek and 4 Energia signed an agreement for complex pellet plant equipment delivery to Latvia (a town of Brocheni [...]

Helen Ltd builds the largest pellet heating plant in Finland

Finnish utility Helen Ltd reported plans for building a pellet-fired heating plant, with fuel capacity of about 100 MW [...]

Canadian wood pellet producer Viridis is for sale

Viridis Energy, a Canadian wood pellet producer with a total annual production capacity of 300,000 tonnes of pellets, has [...]