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North American lumber surges again as supplies shrink

Lumber is on a tear again, bringing back the specter of increasing construction costs.    Lumber futures [...]

2022 North American lumber markets outlook

It’s been a wild ride for wood products, particularly lumber, over the past two years. From a recession in [...]

N. American lumber prices are soaring to levels not seen in seven months

North American lumber prices are soaring to levels not seen in seven months as the lingering effects of flooding in [...]

North American softwood lumber prices surge at year end

A huge disruption to transportation for most of November from the critical lumber producing basket of the British Columbia interior [...]

N. American lumber prices spike above $1,000

   Lumber prices jumped 5% to more than $1,000 for the first time since mid-June on Thursday [...]

North American lumber prices are back up 120% since summer

When the North American lumber bubble popped this summer, economists and commodity traders alike pointed to its swift correction—falling [...]

Egger to expand production in North America

Egger Wood Products announced that it intends to invest $50 million in additional equipment for its Davidson County, North Carolina [...]

Q3 profits collapse for North American lumber giants

The combined net profits of the five largest publicly traded North American lumber producers (Canfor in British Columbia; Interfor in [...]

High lumber prices making a comeback

High lumber prices in North America are back, even as the industry steps into what is normally a seasonal lull [...]

Is the rollercoaster ride for lumber prices in N. America over?

The first half of 2021 was characterised by strong rallies across much of the commodities complex, with everything from oil [...]