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North American lumber prices fall 22% in March as housing market cools

   North American lumber prices have fallen 22% from their early March peak as the housing market shows signs [...]

N. American lumber prices flatten due to supply-demand balance

Industry players hoped a balance of supply and demand has been reached, so price volatility settles down and true volumes [...]

Hot demand and delivery delays push N. American lumber prices higher

Still hot demand and relentless delivery delays served to pop up lumber prices yet higher. Buyers scoured their supplier contacts [...]

US lumber price sits near last year high

A 50% technical retracement of the move from the May 2021 high to the August low is $1,099.60 [...]

Canfor expects N. American and European lumber markets to remain strong in Q1/2022

Canfor Corp. said on Tuesday it expects North American and European lumber market fundamentals to remain strong in the first [...]

Are we in a lumber price bubble again?

When the lumber bubble burst in the spring of 2021, it was expected to be the end of the mania [...]

N. American lumber prices have never been this high ahead of the building season

The spring construction season is about to begin as homeowners face some of the highest lumber prices ever for this [...]

Lumber prices rise again as Canada’s biggest producers reduce output

Lumber futures rose to the highest in a month as some of Canada’s biggest producers reduce output and transportation [...]

North American lumber prices are up 30% in February

   Lumber has surged nearly 30% so far this month in step with the wider rally in global commodities [...]

North American lumber surges again as supplies shrink

Lumber is on a tear again, bringing back the specter of increasing construction costs.    Lumber futures [...]