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Central/West Africa: Demand trend shifts to quality rather than pursuit of lowest price

Log prices were unchanged throughout May in Central/West Africa and show no signs of movement even though there are [...]

Estonia: Roundwood prices drop in March 2016

Roundwood prices in Estonia show a predominantly downward trend in March 2016. This applies both as compared to February as [...]

Ta Ann revenues drop on very low plywood prices in Japan

Plywood prices in Japan seem to fell short, as Ta Ann Holdings Bhd. said in a quarterly review when releasing [...]

Greenpeace shows how illegally logged African wood arrives to Europe

Africa’s rainforests are being illegally deforested and the wood is likely to be exported to the European Union countries [...]
May 27, 2016 Daily News / Forestry / Africa / Global

China: Log imports pick up in 1Q/2016 on declining log inventories and rising demand

Increased demand for wood products and declining log inventories in China has resulted in higher importation of logs to China [...]

New Zealand export log prices remain stable in April

The export log prices in New Zealand remained stable in April, because the improved demand caused an increase in the [...]

Malaysia: Sarawak’s timber exports down 9%

The value of Sarawak’s 2015 timber exports fell 9% to RM6.6 billion compared to RM7.2 billion in [...]

Finland: Log prices in February 2016

Roundwood prices in Finland have generally declined in February 2016 both as compared to January as well as compared to [...]

New Zealand: Lower logs export prices

Export log prices for New Zealand decreased in March because the shipping rates on oil prices increased and the overseas [...]

Greenpeace: Illegal timber from Cameroon’s rainforests landing in Chinese ports

Greenpeace is conducting an investigation on a log supplier from Cameroon, which, apparently, is illegally cutting wood from the African [...]
March 22, 2016 Daily News / Forestry / Africa / China / Europe / Global