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Swedish sawlog prices decreased in Q2

The second quarter of 2015 shows decreasing sawlog prices in Sweden after a consistent surge in the first quarter. Pine [...]

Japan rises its log exports to 50%

Total volume of Japanese log export during January and May this year reached to 259,515 cbms, 47.5% more [...]

Call for ban on log exports in Malaysia

The Sabah Timber Industries Association (STIA) has urged the Sabah State Government to consider a total ban on the export [...]

Malaysian FOB log prices improve in Q1

Sarawak log exporters report rising FOB prices in the face of firm demand. The domestic newspaper, The Star, has reported [...]

Finnish log prices drop in April

Roundwood prices in Finland declined slightly in April with only few exceptions. This applies both when compared with the previous [...]

March brings 76% increase of logs imports to China

Log import volumes to China typically increase in the month of March every year and 2015 was no exception with [...]

China stops commercial logging in natural forests

President Xi Jinping has signalled that all natural forests should be protected. According to Zhao Shucong, Head of the State [...]
March 1, 2015 Daily News / Global Trends / Forestry / Lumber

Decreasing log exports to Asia causes log prices in Western US to fall in the 3Q

There has been a constant upward pressure on domestic sawlog prices in the US Northwest for the past five years [...]

China’s log production nearly doubles in 10 years

Up until 1998 the main focus of government policy was timber production in support of national economic development but 1998 [...]

Central Africa: EU demand weak

Central/West African producers are satisfied with the current order book positions and consider these as about normal levels for [...]