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US hardwood exports to China set new record

The period from January-November 2016 showed another record for US hardwood exports to SEA & Greater China, which increased [...]

Russia increased its lumber and plywood exports during 2016

Russia has, once again, increased its lumber and plywood exports during the full year 2016. The volume of Russian lumber [...]

European softwood logs & timber exports to China perform well in 2016

After a slowdown in growth in 2015, mainly due to an overall slower pace in the Chinese economy and construction [...]

Russia’s sawn softwood exports increased by 11% in 2016; deliveries to China +37%; Segezha Group top exporter

The exports volumes for sawn softwood products from Russia increased by 11% up to 24.8 million m3 (+ 2.4 [...]

Brazil: Timber industry exported higher volumes, but earned less

Due to a year marked by uncertainties in the domestic economy, Brazil’s timber industry ended 2016 with lower revenues [...]

Russia might impose export duties on lumber with a low degree of processing

At the end of January, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, approved a list of instructions following an audit conducted by [...]
February 6, 2017 Daily News / Lumber / Sawmilling / China / Global / Russia

Brazil: Exports of wood-based products up 21.6% in November

In November 2016, the value of Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 21.6% compared [...]

Roundwood, sawnwood and plywood exports from Russia increased during January-November 2016

Russian roundwood, sawnwood and plywood export volumes increased during January-November 2016.    During the mentioned period [...]

20% more European sawn beech timber exported to China

Beech sawn timber exports from Europe to China have increased by 20% during January-October 2016.     [...]

China: Imports of softwood logs & lumber rebound in 2016 on high demand for wood products

China's imports of logs and lumber have rebounded strongly in 2016, from the slowdown in 2015. Also, softwood lumber [...]