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July 5, 2016

Brazil: Mobile application for timber tracking

Brazil: Mobile application for timber tracking

The Brazilian Forest Service (SFB) has launched an application for smartphones and tablets that allows timber tracking and concession production. The application utilises available information from Brazil’s 2015 Chain of Custody System (CCS).

The CCS captures information on standing trees in approved logging concessions. When any tree is felled within the sustainable forest management regime the forest concessionaire is required to provide information to the CCS.All transport of logs from forest to industry is also registered in the system. At a sawmill sawn output is bundled and each bundle is provided with an identity tag (QR Code) generated by the CCS.

The CCS system can retrieve data on processed logs and produces geographic coordinates for logs and sawnwood.

The SFB says the aim of this application is to provide transparency on forest concessions activities to improve the confidence of timber buyers that the material being offered for sale can be tracked through the system to demonstrate legality. This is important in the domestic and international



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