Wood Industry Prices

Germany: Uneven price movements for wood products in January

Producer prices for wood products in Germany registered uneven movements in January 2018. The great part of the products became [...]

Austrian softwood lumber more expensive in January

In January, prices of softwood lumber in Austria have increased for almost all assortments as compared to December. However, if [...]

US lumber prices hit new record at the beginning of March

Trading in framing lumber in the US markets slowed down during last week, as did upward momentum in prices. Even [...]

Prices for wood pellets in Austria slightly changed in February

Wood pellets' average price n Austria has reached 240,1 € per tonne of wood pellets or 4.90 Cent per [...]

Various factors push up US log prices

Prices for logs on the US West Coast have increased due to the natural disasters, housing construction, Asian competition and [...]

Finnish roundwood trade registered great success for 2017, log prices up

    Roundwood trade from Finnish Forests registered a great success, due to the purchases of the forest [...]

Central/West Africa: Buyers reject the higher asking prices for logs

Reports from Cameroon say that buyers for the Chinese market are not accepting the new and higher asking prices for [...]

Wood pellets price in Germany higher due to cold weather

The colder temperatures have caused a price increase for wood pellets in Germany during February. The national average price has [...]

France: Lumber prices for the 4th quarter of 2017

    FRANCE LUMBER PRICES for the 4th quarter 2017          [...]

US lumber prices near the all-time high

Framing lumber prices in the US picked up after a midweek drop, while many key prices continued for forge higher [...]