Wood Industry Prices

World bank expects rising wood logs prices in Africa and SE Asia

The World Bank reconsidered forecast for logs and sawnwood in the recently updated Commodity Markets Outlook.     [...]

US lumber prices soared as pressing needs increased

Lumber prices in the US went higher during last week, as buyers tried to cover pressing needs. Extended mill order [...]

Finland: Sawlog prices continue rising trend

Roundwood prices in Finland started to go on ascending path during February 2018, as compared to the same period last [...]

Swedish sawmills should tackle global falling demand for pine lumber with more niche products

Swedish sawmills and wood-processing companies are operating at high activity levels due to a high demand on the global [...]

Austria: Softwood lumber prices recover in April

In April, softwood lumber prices in Austria rose again after a slight decrease in March. The 1-2 EUR/cbm [...]

Prices for Indian teak, sawnwood and plywood imports in April 2018

The price list for teak, sawnwood and plywood between 16-30 April, 2018.    Plantation teak prices [...]

Germany: Price trends for wood products in March 2018

    Producer prices for wood products in Germany show only small movements in March. According to data [...]

Austria: Price of wood pellets falls in April

The prices for ENplus A1 certified wood pellets in Austria have dropped in April, due to seasonal reasons.    [...]

Lumber market in the US driven by increased demand; prices boomed

The framing lumber in the US was mainly driven by an increased seasonal demand during last week. This made the [...]