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October 11, 2016

Brazilian pine and tropical sawnwood exports rise steady

Brazilian pine and tropical sawnwood exports rise steady

In August 2016, Brazilian exports of wood products (except pulp and paper) increased 21% in value compared to August 2015, from US$216.0 million to US$262.0 million.

Sawnwood export volumes and value rise in August August pine sawnwood exports rose 36.0% year on year from US$26.1 million in August 2015 to US$35.5 million this year. The volume of pine sawnwood exports rose by around 50% over the same period, from 118,700 cu.m to 178,500 cu.m.

Tropical sawnwood exports also jumped in August rising 33% from 23,200 cu.m in August 2015 to 30,900 cu.m. At the same time the value of Brazilian exports increased 32% from US$11.4 million last August to US$15.0 million in August this year.

The value of August 2016 Brazilian pine plywood exports dropped compared to August 2015 from US$38.9 million to US$33.1 million but the volume of exports jumped 42%, from 103,900 cu.m to 148,000 cu.m, over the same period.

However, exports of tropical plywood increased by almost 91% in August this year from 7,500 cu.m in August 2015 to 14,300 cu.m this year. At the same time the value of exports rose around 56%.



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