Biesse Middle East gets EUR 1.3 million contracts at Dubai Woodshow 2018

Biesse Middle East has signed contracts worth more than Euro 1.3 million euros at the Dubai Woodshow. The 13th [...]

Rising prices for softwood lumber in Austria in February

Prices for softwood lumber in Austria rose again in February. The increase compared to January is on average between EUR [...]

EU associations push for higher plywood quality standards

Timber trade associations in two leading EU importing countries have recently been pushing forward plywood quality, performance and legality initiatives [...]

Greenpeace to withdraw from FSC

Greenpeace is withdrawing from the main global group for certifying sustainable wood products, saying it is failing to protect natural [...]

Holzindustrie Schweighofer sells all its Romanian forest investment to Swedish GreenGold Group

Holzindustrie Schweighofer decided to sell its wholly-owned subsidiary Cascade Empire s.r.l. (Cascade Empire) as well as its [...]

Softwood lumber global demand reached record-high in 2017

Global trade of softwood lumber reached a record-high in 2017, as demand for wood continued to increase in the [...]

EU plywood prices on the rise, due to increased demand and limited supply

Plywood prices are rising sharply in the EU on the back of buoyant demand across the region and supply issues [...]

Finnish and Swedish wood giants at risk due to melting ices in the Arctic region

The forest floors below the Arctic circle are starting to melt, as the unusually mild winters are turning once icy [...]

Wood pellets price in Germany still on the rise in March due to cold weather

Again, the wood pellets price in Germany is slightly higher in March 2018, than in the previous month. The national [...]

Egger plans to start construction on its wood-based material factory in the US at the end of 2018

Egger started the construction of a new wood-based material factory in Lexington, North Carolina, US. The company organized a [...]