Hanjin shipping bankruptcy to cause surging shipping costs; affect timber companies

It has been reported that the bankruptcy of the Hanjin shipping line has thrown ports and retailers around the world [...]

Estonia: Timber industry production at all time high

The production volumes in the Estonian timber industry today are at the highest level of all time.    [...]

Chinese wood flooring losing share in Europe

Imports of wood flooring from China, by far the EU’s largest single external supplier of this commodity, suffered a [...]

US wood pellets exports to Europe still on a booming upward trend

      US wood pellets exports to the European Union countries continue to increase. Thus, the [...]

New cross laminated timber facility in Finland

Finnish CLT Plant Ltd is ready to start up a cross-laminated timber factory in Kauhajoki, as to begin the [...]
October 17, 2016 Daily News / Lumber / Wood-based panels / Europe / Global

Researchers develop up-to-date forest resource information technology for Russia

    Russian and Finnish researchers are currently developing a competitive solution for the production and use of [...]
October 17, 2016 Daily News / Market Analysis / Forestry / Europe / Global / Russia

The current state of the European wood pellet market

While the EU produces about 50% of world production, EU demand represents about 75% of the market. In 2015, total [...]

China’s hunger for wood to create advantage for Finnish sawmills

Wood construction in China is forecast to grow rapidly. Thus, the country has become one of the top export destinations [...]

World demand of forestry machinery to surge 4.5% annually by 2019

World demand for forestry equipment (including both purpose-built and converted machinery) is forecast to rise 4.5 percent annualy [...]