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January 20, 2016

COP21: Germany, UK and Norway invest US$5 billion in tropical forests preservation

COP21: Germany, UK and Norway invest US$5 billion in tropical forests preservation

During the Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21), the governments of Norway, Germany and UK stated that they would invest US$5 billion starting this year to 2020 in the tropical forests’ protection and restoration. The three countries will actually pay to fight against greenhouse gas emissions and it will be the biggest investment in international forest protection, as the German Ministry of Environment (BMUB) stated in a press release.

The benefactors expect that the emerging nations will also come up with different plans to protect their forests, according to Global Timber Forum (GTF). Moreover, they would also have to maintain the social and ecological standards.

Germany, Norway and UK want to make a partnership with Columbia, as part of the planned project. As GTF states, Columbia wants to start a project to stop forest loss by 2020. The three countries decided to help it while at the conference in Paris.

According to the press release from Paris, Germany ministries of environment and development will donate approximately US$100 million for the project, bearing in mind the idea that forests are the one to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Barbara Hendricks, Minister of the Environment, stated that “saving the forests is an important component of our strategy to tackle climate change.”

The three benefactors also released a joint statement to the conference, on 30 November, saying that “the forest and land-use sectors can deliver as much as a third of the mitigation the world needs to 2030.” They added that the need for action comes from the major importance the forests have of our lives.



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