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February 4, 2016

UPM’s Q4 reports 2% sale increase in 2015

UPM’s Q4 reports 2% sale increase in 2015

UPM’s 4Q sales grew 2% in 2015, compared to 2014. The company’s press release showed that in 2015 sales reached Euro 2,574 million, compared to the Euro 2,531 million gains in 2014. Sales increased especially in UPM Biorefining and UPM Raflatac, but decreased in the other business areas. Also, the 4Q EBITDA increased from the Euro 334 million (13.2% of sales) in 2014 to Euro 363 million (14.1% of sales) in 2015.

The operating profit increased by 8.5% of sales, to Euro 220 million, including net charges of Euro 5 million. Also, the 4Q profit reached Euro 193 million and earnings per share were Euro 0.36.

Total sales reached Euro 10,138 million, 3% higher than Euro 9,868 million in 2014, increasing mostly in UPM Biorefining, UPM Raflatac and UPM Paper Asia and decreased in UPM Paper ENA and UPM Energy. Regarding the UPM Plywood, sales went on at the same level.

FY 2015 EBITDA’s operating profit summed up Euro 1,142 million, 11.3% of sales and the profit for 2015 reached Euro 916 million with Euro 1.72 earnings per share. The EBITDA increased to Euro 1,350 million (13.3% of sales) in 2015, from Euro 1,306 million (13.2% of sales), compared to 2014.

"UPM finished 2015 on a strong note. 4Q was the best of the year thanks to solid business performance. The profit improvement programme exceeded its target and the growth projects started to deliver earnings. EBITDA reached a higher level than in five years and our strong cash flow drove net debt to a new record-low level,” said Jussi Pesonen, President and CEO.

Pesonen added that the UPM Kymi pulp mill expansion reached an important level of pulp production in December, while UPM Changshu's speciality paper machine had the same start.

“UPM Biorefining and UPM Raflatac were the highlights of the quarter both in terms of own profitability actions and good timing in growth projects. UPM Energy and UPM Plywood showed solid performances. UPM Paper ENA had its best quarter of 2015 thanks to continuous profit improvement actions,” he added.

UPM Biorefining, UPM Energy, UPM Raflatac, UPM Paper Asia, UPM Paper Europe and North America and UPM Plywood are the areas where UPM is trying to build a sustainable future.











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