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August 23, 2016

UK: Hardwood imports from the EU countries lower than last year

UK: Hardwood imports from the EU countries lower than last year

In the first five month to May 2016, 49% of the hardwood imports to the UK came from the European Union countries. This represents a decrease from the 53% registered in the same period of 2015.

Of all the hardwood imported by the UK from the EU, around 90% of it was supplied by 9 countries, led by Estonia (20% of volume) and Italy (19%). Of the non-EU countries, the major trade was made with the US, making 50% of the total volume. Cameroon (14%) came in second place, followed by Malaysia (12%).

According to the latest Statistical Bulletin for August 2016 released by the Timber Trade Federation (TTF), the percentage of tropical imports in the first five months of 2016 was 25%, up from 22% of 2015.

Also, 78% of the tropical imports were supplied from the non-EU countries, even though significant volumes are brought to the UK through EU member states like the Netherlands and Germany.

Temperate hardwood accounts for 75% of total market share, with the US representing by far the largest supplier for the UK, ahead Estonia and Italy, as shown in the same report.




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