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September 1, 2016

Turkey to impose anti-dumping tariffs on Vietnamese plywood

Turkey to impose anti-dumping tariffs on Vietnamese plywood

The Turkish Ministry of Economy has finally taken a decision regarding the anti-dumping tariffs on Vietnamese plywood. Thus, the Vietnamese companies failed in complying with the Turkish investigators, which led to higher tariffs.

The Vietnam Competition Authority under the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced on August 30 that just the two Vietnamese businesses that provided information to investigating agencies on time and proved that their products were not bought from a third party will be exempt from the anti-dumping tax, according to VN Express.

All the other companies will be forced to pay a $240 tax for each m2 of plywood, which is the same amount that was imposed on Chinese plywood imported by Turkey since 2006. Though, the Turkish authorities will be opened to listen to any feedback received from the Vietnamese companies until the 2nd of September.

Turkey also looks to apply the anti-dumping duties on polyester textured yarn imported from other countries, including Vietnam. Yet, the the dumping margins for Vietnamese enterprises will be from 34.81-72.56 percent, while Thai firms will pay 8.48-37.69 percent. The decision is expected to be released in October




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