Wood pellets

Asian demand for wood pellets booming in 2017

Asia’s demand for biomass is growing rapidly. Wood pellet imports into South Korea and Japan have grown exponentially in [...]

Pinnacle Renewable Holdings to export wood pellets to Japan

On May 2, Pinnacle Renewable Holdings Inc. released first quarter 2018 financial results, reporting it generated record first quarter revenue [...]

Austria: Price of wood pellets falls in April

The prices for ENplus A1 certified wood pellets in Austria have dropped in April, due to seasonal reasons.    [...]

US EPA declares biomass energy carbon neutral

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has declared biomass from managed forests as carbon neutral when burned for energy production [...]

Graanul Invest will rebuild lines for wood pellet production in Latvia

SIA Graanul Invest has concluded an agreement No. with the Central Finance and [...]

BioPower Corporation to acquire former Rentech Atitokan wood pellet plant

BioPower Sustainable Energy Corporation (BioPower) has announced the acquisition of the assets of the former Rentech pellet plant in Atikokan [...]

Austrian wood pellets price on the rise over 2017

The average price for Austrian wood pellets amounted to 236,8 € per tonne of wood pellets or 4.83 Cent [...]

Prices for wood pellets in Germany started to descend in April

The wood pellets' price in Germany has started to descend in April 2018. The national average price has reached the [...]

Prices for wood pellets in Switzerland slightly descend during April

The price for wood pellets in Switzerland amounted to an average of CHF 372.3/t (EUR 313.58/t [...]

Finnish wood pellets production grew significantly in 2017

Finnish wood pellets production amounted to 324,000 tonnes during 2017, one fifth more than in 2016 and the third [...]