Wood construction

Austria: Softwood log prices are falling, energy wood prices are increasing noticeably

In July, the Austrian construction industry is noticeably weakening. Sales of building products made of wood and lumber have decreased [...]

Södra delivers strong result in Q2/2022, sees market outlook as highly uncertain

Södra posted a robust result for the second quarter of 2022. The result reflects the sustained strong market for [...]

Germans could turn to wood as Russia withholds natural gas, Deutsche Bank says

   Germany could embrace wood for heat if Russia further cuts gas flows, Deutsche Bank says.   The [...]

Estonian wood industry hit hard by falling prices and lower demand

Estonian lumber producers are facing a harsh reality, where the price of wood is falling and orders are disappearing: customers [...]

Rising energy prices- an opportunity for the timber industry?

Sawn timber, glued laminated timber and solid construction timber prices are currently well below last year's records. However, factors [...]

Canada sees potential for ‘movement’ on U.S. lumber dispute

Canada sees the potential for some movement toward settling a longstanding dispute with the United States over softwood lumber tariffs [...]

North American lumber prices bounce on equitable supply-demand balance

The significant price cuts of the previous week were successful in spurring renewed demand for softwood lumber materials in North [...]

Bergs Timber to acquire Polish windows and doors manufacturer Pinus

Bergs Timber AB acquired 100% of the shares in Pinus, Polish windows and doors manufacturer. The sellers is the founders [...]

N. American lumber prices fall further as mortgage rates hit fresh 13-year high

   Lumber prices fell Thursday, marking the first decline in more than a week, as mortgage rates rose to [...]