Price analysis and info

Wood prices will rise in the Czech Republic

According to data from the Czech Statistical Office, almost 36 million cubic meters of wood were harvested in Czech forests [...]

Skyrocketing wood prices in Romania

The situation on the wood market in Romania is tense, with prices above average prices in Europe.  Thus [...]

US lumber prices are likely to stay double the historical average for at least the next 5 years

   US lumber has probably found a bottom at current levels, but prices will remain over double the average [...]

Finland: Sharp rise in roundwood prices in May

Pine logs in Finland cost an average of EUR 64.6, and spruce logs EUR 68.2 per cubic metre [...]

U.S. lumber prices expected to fall further as sawmills increase production

The price of U.S. lumber will fall further in the coming months as sawmills increase production, though demand is [...]

Is there really a shortage of wood in Europe?

The sharp increases in timber prices worldwide since the middle of 2020 do not reflect any long-term shortfall in [...]