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Booming trend in European log exports to China unlikely to continue

European softwood logs were practically non-existent at Chinese ports five years ago. However, a combination of a never-ending [...]

N. American lumber prices rise just over levels of 1 year ago

As this unusual year slowly wound toward a close, there were some developments which will only add more confusion and [...]

Germany: No lumber shortages at the moment; price level again competitive

In the first half of 2021, the German market for lumber was characterized by enormous price increases and, at times [...]

Lumber prices jump as storm blocks British Columbia’s roads and rail

Washed out roads and blocked rail tracks in Canada’s westernmost province are fueling a lumber price rally as key [...]

Q3 profits collapse for North American lumber giants

The combined net profits of the five largest publicly traded North American lumber producers (Canfor in British Columbia; Interfor in [...]

Lumber exports from Europe to the United States rise sharply in Jan.-Sep. 2021

    US imports of lumber from Europe in the first nine months of the year have increased [...]

20% decline in wood prices expected in Russia

In Russia, a 20% decline in wood prices and a new rise in prices in April-May 2022 are predicted [...]

Austria: Softwood log prices on a downward trend in November

Demand for spruce sawlogs is subdued and prices are under pressure. The situation is different with hardwood: Here both demand [...]

Congested Chinese ports put high pressure on log exports

The cost of shipping wood to China has almost trippled since January — the result of Covid, increased fuel prices and [...]