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US lumber prices stage a late season rally

The roller coaster ride for US lumber prices is still going strong. In the past month, the price of lumber [...]

France: Timber supply tensions relax, prices expected to fall

While wood has been the subject of shortages for several months, the French timber industry announces signs of relaxation of [...]

Poland’s timber industry in crisis; calls for wood export ban

The wood sales system proposed by the Poland's State Forests for 2022 is a catastrophe and will deepen the [...]

Latvia: Softwood sawlog prices reach unprecedented levels

Latvia's timber market is currently experiencing rising prices for roundwood, which have been affected by global market movements and [...]

North American lumber prices return to normal levels

Lumber end-users and resellers alike shed their reluctance of the past few months to make purchases, as prices have [...]

Why U.S. lumber prices are suddenly rising again?

A month after U.S. lumber prices finally returned to normal, prices for wood are ticking up once again—and [...]

France, the largest supplier of oak logs to China

China Customs data shows France has been the largest supplier of oak imports since 2014. Previously Russia was the main [...]

Czech Republic will cancel compensation for bark beetles due to skyrocketing wood prices

Czech forest owners can no longer count on the state to compensate them for low prices with huge sums. Wood [...]

Lumber price fall in US expected to affect Europe in Q4/2021

The fall in lumber prices in the US is expected to affect Europe in the fourth quarter, with a decline [...]

Record high US lumber prices shifted global lumber trade flows

US lumber prices reached unprecedented highs in the 2Q/21. For example, the costs for 2x4 framing pine lumber inthe [...]