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Foreign companies buy Polish wood en masse; raw material prices are up sharply

Foreign brokers buy wood from Polish forests on a massive scale. This causes a huge increase in the price of [...]

After multi-week rises, most North American softwood lumber prices flatten

Following the absolute plummet this summer after unsustainable highs in spring, lumber prices have been recovering during September and October [...]

Current trends in the global wood pellet market

In 2020, wood pellet production in Europe was up 4% y-o-y and was 34% higher than in 2016 [...]

Latvia: The timber market is experiencing a sharp drop in wood prices

Currently, the Latvian timber market is experiencing a fall in the price of softwood roundwood, which has fallen by as [...]

U.S. lumber trade dispute with Canada adds to wild price swings

As if things weren’t volatile enough in the lumber market, a Canada-U.S. trade tussle will make things [...]

IKEA warns of imminent price increases

IKEA has warned of imminent price increases, as it revealed its financial results for FY21 (to 31st August 2021).  [...]

Low interest of Chinese timber traders for European spruce logs

The latest news reflects that the greater downward pressure on the price of New Zealand radiata pine logs in the [...]

US lumber price is not going back to pre-pandemic levels and will continue to rise next year

The price of lumber is not going back to levels seen before the pandemic and will continue to see a [...]

China’s COVID-19 cases spike puts pressure on timber prices

China's new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases spiked to a near three-month high. In order to prevent the [...]

Swedish sawmill industry expected to break new production records this year

    The Swedish wood products industry is expected to break new production records this year.   [...]