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Lumber prices in the US on the rise, despite lowered consumption

Prices for framing lumber in the US continued to rise in all species during last week. Yet, trading cooled down [...]

Södra to increase the price for pine logs

Södra has decided to increase their purchase price for pulpwood and pine logs, as the demand for softwood and [...]

Cameroon raises log export duties

A considerable surge in log prices has been recently noticed in Central/West Africa. This is the result of producers [...]

Lumber prices in the US increased, due to strong sales growth

Trading in framing lumber in the US eased during last week, but not enough to slow the upward momentum of [...]

Roundwood prices in Estonia significantly up in December 2017

Roundwood prices in Estonia mostly went up during December 2017, with the price for pine sawlogs going up the most [...]

US prices for Canadian softwood lumber imports jump to record highs

The prices for softwood lumber imports from Canada to the US have skyrocketed 30% since Hurricane Harvey hit last summer [...]

Central/West Africa: Weaker demand in EU markets keeps logs prices low

Central and West African producers are expressing confidence that the current price stability and steady order volumes for African species [...]

Lumber prices in the US keep up with growth trend

The prices for framing lumber in the US continued to go up through the end of January. While long mill [...]

Price of wood pellets in Austria increases by nearly 5% from 2017

    The average price of wood pellets in Austria has reached 241 € per tonne of wood pellets [...]