Vietnam wood processors shut down temporarily

Although Vietnam’s wood and wood exports grew by more than 62% (year-on-year) in the period January–June [...]

U.S. lumber prices are rising again-fast

On Friday, the price per thousand board feet climbed another 5% to $494. Since bottoming out at $389 per thousand [...]

Finland: Price of logs expected to rise 12% this year

The Finnish timber market will pick up significantly this and next year, says the Finnish Pellervo Institute PTT). The rise [...]

Germany: Wood prices are stabilizing

The Bavarian State Forests are now reporting that the wood price has stabilized for the first time in more than [...]

Europe could face a raw material scarcity due to Russia’s log export ban

Europe could face a raw material scarcity which may well result as both a direct and indirect consequence of the [...]

Prices for Finland’s exported lumber expected to fall after record highs

The Finnish forest industry has benefited from high export prices due to the coronavirus pandemic. The value of exports will [...]

Big increase in UK timber imports from the EU despite Brexit

An impact of the UK’s departure from the EU single market and customs union on 1st January this year [...]

US lumber prices stage a late season rally

The roller coaster ride for US lumber prices is still going strong. In the past month, the price of lumber [...]

France: Timber supply tensions relax, prices expected to fall

While wood has been the subject of shortages for several months, the French timber industry announces signs of relaxation of [...]

US and Vietnam reach timber deal avoiding punitive tariffs

The US and Vietnam reached an agreement over illegally harvested and traded timber that will see the Asian nation avert [...]